Renting Out Bed Space in Dubai In Your Room

So, you want to rent out a bed space in your room?

It appears to be an easy more than enough and hassle-free task: you’ve got a home loan and a  place for bed space in your room  and t here are a good amount of tenants out there looking for somewhere nice to rent, that doesn’t be expensive. It appears as though a dream situation. You’re able to offset the expenses of your home and another person gets to live comfortably for a sensible price. You may even get a new friend! Nevertheless, while there are many advantages, addititionally there is an inherent risk involved with sharing your room with a unfamiliar person, and a few responsibilities, so be certain to think about the following before hitching up that For Rent sign.

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How would you find your renter?

Lots of people would likely housemate hunt via friends, or buddies of friends. This might be safer when you are likely to be aware of individual who will reveal your house or somebody in your own personal network will know them. If you are planning to be searching on the internet or via current network, for example, a group that organizes placements for foreign exchange students, you’ll wish to make sure you know precisely who’ll get access to your house, your goods and your loved ones, so only take care of trustworthy networks. There are many websites, too, that behave as  portals for people renting out rooms and the big real estate sites like, too, offer this service . has a number of available bed spaces in Dubai advertisement. Obviously, you can always put an ad in the local classifieds or on Gumtree but see our entry on Stranger Danger below, before selecting the method you’ll use to look for a tenant.


Be clear about expectations

Make sure to clarify clearly what exactly is on offer.

When the room is on the smallish side, say so. If there’s superb storage space, say so. If they will be likely to share a bathroom, say so. If there’s no off road car parking, say so. If you’re funny about getting pets in your room, cigarette smoking or continuous visitors, make sure to declare that directly. It’s easier to enable your possible tenants be aware of guidelines and it’ll reduce the quantity of those who are interested, and therefore on your vetting time.


  • Be obscure if you’re marketing the vacancy online
  • By no means supply your complete address or complete name online.
  • A suburb and first name is fine, plus a mobile phone number or generic (not work) email address.

Together these lines, also let people know that if they would like to check, they’ll be likely to provide photo taking ID that you should copy. Explain it’s absolutely nothing personal, it’s exactly that you’ll need a record of that has been through your home.


Stay away from unfamiliar person risk

Regardless of whether you end up with one or 10 interested parties, ask anybody who really wants to move in to submit an application form that’ll be comprehensive more than enough to let you vet them completely. This doesn’t mean they need to provide you with their complete life story, but doubts about their job situation, capability to pay rent and rental background tend to be more than appropriate, as is a request rental references. Then, really do a historical past check, as bogus tenants often rely on people not disturbing. Also, pay attention to your gut. If somebody looks great on paper but your instincts scream, usually do not proceed. If it makes you feel good, insist upon a Nationwide Police Check. It costs about $30 and will provide you with a little reassurance.



Get it in writing

Whether your new housemate is a friend or not, make sure you set out the guidelines right from the start – in writing. Check with your local Real Estate body to find out whether you’ll need a Tenancy Agreement, as is necessary in some states

Whatever documentation you do end up using, it should cover things such as the amount of rent, how often it should be paid, how utilities are to be shared, whether there’s a household kitty for food etc.

Be sure it is signed and don’t forget to collect a security bond, so you’re covered for damage they might cause – accidental or otherwise.


Make room for them

It’s not enough to simply give a new housemate a room.  You must to give them space for their belongings – and fair access to the property.

For example, even if they are welcome to use all your kitchen appliances, give them somewhere to keep all their crockery, pots and pans and foodstuffs.

Also make sure they have space in the bathroom, a bookshelf and any other common use areas.

Remember that their rent is taxable

Whether you get paid cash in hand or via more official channels, rental money is income.

So, remember this when you’re budgeting. You don’t want to come to the end of the financial year and realize you have a massive tax bill because you didn’t include details of income stream.

That said, the situation also means you are entitled to various tax deductions, so be sure to consult the Australian Tax Office guidelines, and as always, consult your accountant or lawyer before finalizing this agreement.


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