Incident management by means of ITIL

Incidents occur daily. Printers, computers break, anything can fail. You fairly work, correcting errors. The flow of breakdowns and repairs mixes up in your memory and when at the end of the quarter ask you a question of the done work — you will be able to report only in general. Certainly, such an answer won’t make a due impression on a management, so there will be neither wages increase, nor allocations of a new workplace under your assistant. For the creation of the objective report, it is only necessary to implement at itself one of incident management systems. Paid, free, developed or collected from a linking of mail with the tabular editor — it is unimportant. The main thing that it has to be. And it is called ITIL. Here you can find the advanced definition of what is ITIL.

It isn’t necessary to run on each request personally, often listening from users to something in the spirit of “it was already repaired”. Force people to send requests by mail or through a web the interface, as a last resort accept their requests by phone.

However, be judicious: it is unprofitable to spoil the relations with users to you, and therefore provide it as an innovation from the top management. They will also sympathize with you. Previously bring to the highest management for the signature the short order on an order of the appeal to the department of an IT, and accounting of addresses. Explain to a management that it for form’s sake. The management loves an order.


Maintaining the database of incidents will allow you to plan the working day, to get rid of fixed walks under the aegis “look, there the computer doesn’t work.”, and so on. Your chief at any time will receive the accurate and clear report on the done work, the spent resources and silly requests of users for any period of time. Users will have an opportunity to look through a condition of the request online, without bothering at the same time personally to you.

The system will become the isolating layer between your personality and any negative which is inevitably circulating in human society. It has no personality. It is silly to ask system, it is useless to abuse; there is nothing to argue with it. In safety, control systems of access and video surveillance bear, in addition to the main, also important function of removal of human aggression from the security guard. Make the same for yourself, and the user of the broken printer instead of telling you about the need of a seal of delivery notes will just look at the status of a request — and will unpack the delivery notes in the next department.