How the helps to improve your anonymity

Usually, for the transfer of a set of crypto-currency data on the Internet, a special technology of the distributed registry is used. This is the block system, which gives the digital currency its advantages over other kinds of payment. The helps to improve your anonymity.


Why is the cryptocurrency different from ordinary money?

The cryptocurrency is no longer money, but “quasi-money”. It is a set of data, that is hidden from the public and third parties. It contains such parameters, which only the owner knows:

  • The amount of money
  • The user’s address
  • The date of enrollment.

The main pros of cryptocurrency

There are many advantages of using cryptocurrency. Here are the main of them:

  • Everyone can get the cryptocurrency because it has an open code
  • You can keep your money in secret because the cryptocurrency guarantees the anonymity of transactions
  • No one controls the movement of money in your electronic wallet (the cryptocurrency is decentralized)
  • Cryptocurrency is not a subject to inflation since a limited number of coins are issued (you cannot just use the printing press)
  • They are protected (you cannot copy the cryptocurrency).

How the helps to improve the anonymity 

All the data is protected by encryption, so nobody except the owner can access it. Moreover, in this situation, if the owner will forget or lose the code, he will never get the access to his money. Surely, this is some kind of risk, but all users are ready to pay such price for high confidentiality.

The service mixes the coins of the user with the coins of other users. This helps to break the connection between the address and the addressee.